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It's with our heart felt sorrow to announce the passing of Johnny's wife, of 41 years, Wanda.  Wanda passed away at home, on July 31st, surrounded by Johnny, their daughter Candy, son in law Matthew, and two grandchildren Gracie, and Mason.  They all celebrated her 59th birthday on the 30th.  She will dearly be missed by everyone.  Right now the future is unknown, but we will announce Johnny's decision.  Losing Wanda was such a loss, she was definitely the back bone of all of us.  From the camera woman, editor, meal planner, order taker, order placer.  It will be difficult for Johnny, Candy (their daughter), son in law Matthew, and their two grandkids Gracie and Mason to manage.  But with prayers and support they will make it.  Thank you to everyone!


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