Cookin' Outdoors with Johnny Nix                                
Y'all Eat Yet?                                                                                                 
About Johnny
Cooking outdoors isn’t just a hobby for Johnny Nix it’s a way of life.  Johnny and his wife Wanda started cooking outdoors over 25 years ago while camping and trail riding with their horses.  Johnny started cooking over an open fire to eliminate the grill from the camper and what started from simple meals of beans and cornbread to gourmet meals is now history.  

Johnny’s unique cooking talent and just plain ole good food brought many a camper to the table.  The crackle of the campfire and the smell of food would always draw people to his campsite.  Johnny would always smile and ask Y’all eat Yet?  And would welcome them in to sit down and have a bite.  

Johnny’s southern hospitality and command of open fire cooking was instrumental in landing him the job as host of the television series Campfire Café which aired for 4 1/2 years on the RFD  network.  Johnny loves to share his knowledge with people and his patient step by step instructions continue to empower anyone to cook successfully outdoors.

Whatever method of cooking you choose from charcoal, gas or open fire Johnny has some great tips and recipes to help you get started. The most important thing to remember: that it’s just cookin’ not rocket science.  Cooking outdoors is a recreational family activity and its important to slow down every once in a while and enjoy life, friends and family.